Fume Guru Overspray Master Portable Fume Extractor


A professional grade portable paint fume control system, the Fume Guru Overspray Master captures and filters overspray from touch up painting. The compact design allows paint work to be done safely where needed, saving time and money.

The Overspray Master’s 10’ capture arm, with external pantograph style articulation, ensures ultra-smooth repositioning while protecting components from wear and tear.

Featuring up to 1200 CFM airflow, the portable paint fume extraction unit includes a hood mounted paint pocket arrestor prefilter, four MERV 11 primary filters and 2 extruded carbon afterfilters for VOC fumes. Filters comply with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) 319 standard for toxic chromate coatings and primers, commonly found in aerospace painting applications.


  • Compliant with NESHAP 319
  • Compact, portable, and easy to operate
  • Captures air contaminants at-source, before they can enter your breathing space


  • Flexible 10’ externally articulated capture arm
  • Plug and play: standard 120V
  • 1 x Paint pocket filter on hood / 4 x MERV 11 pleated panel filters
  • 2 x 24”x 24”x2” carbon afterfilter


  • Choice of 6.5’, 10’ or 13' externally articulated capture arm
  • Explosion proof motor and starter
  • Dual-arm configuration available upon request