Fume Guru Carbo VOC Portable Fume Extractor


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are man-made chemicals typically produced and used and in the manufacturing of paints, pharmaceuticals, and refrigerants. VOCs are emitted as gases and include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects, presenting a serious threat to workplace health and safety. The Fume Guru VOC Carbo is a portable fume extractor specifically designed for source capture extraction of harmful VOC’s, before they can enter your breathing zone.

Featuring a carbon cartridge filter containing high-porosity, activated carbon granules, industrial VOC fumes are effectively eliminated. The carbon cartridge is also reversible, allowing you to double filter life by using 100% of the available media.

Featuring a high performance blower with a powerful face velocity, the Fume Guru VOC Carbo generated up to 650 CFM of airflow, effectively eliminating airborne fumes from the workspace. The extractor’s pantograph-style arm allows for easy repositioning while its components are protected from wear and tear.


  • Compliant with OSHA guidelines for controlling VOCs
  • Compact and portable for easy maneuvering
  • Captures air contaminants at-source, before they can enter your breathing space


  • 1.0HP TEFC motor
  • Plug and play: standard 120V
  • Rotary starter with 15’ power cord and casters
  • 10’ externally articulated capture arm


  • Choice of 6.5’, 10’ or 13' externally articulated capture arm