FumeVac FV-500-20 Fume Extractor


The FumeVac FV-500-20 offers a lean solution for all your dust and fume extraction needs. It combines the functionalities of both traditional vacuum and rooftop dust collector units into a compact 2-in-1 floor level unit without the need for costly ducting of traditional systems. A few examples of the many uses of this system include extraction of welding fumes using source capture ErgoMax MIG guns, dust control from multiple grinding stations, and even the use of simple fume extraction nozzles.

With your needs in mind, the FV-500-20 was designed to be a stationary or semi-mobile vacuum system with enough power to handle extraction requirements of multiple work stations in a compact design. The noise reducing cabinet allows for installation adjacent to the work station. The FV-500-20 comes standard with two primary filter cartridges, a secondary filter cartridge (MERV-16), and an automatic filter cleaning system. The FV- 500-20’s exhaust vent’s unique design also offers you the choice to evacuate or recirculate the filtered air as needed by simply connecting a 6” hose, duct, or the optional silencer.


  • Acoustic design offers low noise levels – 80dB @ 5ft
  • 450ft² of primary filtration area with an extra 103ft² of secondary MERV 16 filtering
  • Can be used as portable or central unit for a small network of up to two guns


  • Up to 500 CFM of air flow
  • Adjustable shut-down timer
  • Differential (primary and secondary) pressure gauges to monitor filter status
  • Adjustable self-cleaning timer for light or heavy weld fume applications – compressed air pulse duration and frequency control
  • Complete control panel optimizes the vacuum extraction and the automatic filter cleaning operation
  • Manometers