FumeVac FV-225 Portable Fume Extractor


A small, intermittemt duty vacuum for light applications, the FumeVac FV-225-2 portable fume extractor is the most efficient and versatile solution for fume and dust source capture when central systems cannot be used or are too expensive.

This portable model is specifically designed for semiautomatic MIG/FCAW welding. Powered by two 28,000 RPM turbines the FV-225-2 is capable of 90-125 CFM at the torch. It is easily transportable and offers minimal cost of ownership. Perfect for a maintenance shops and light duty operations.


  • Filter efficiency of 99.9% at 0.5 μm
  • Easily transportable
  • Energy efficient


  • Up to 120 CFM of air flow
  • 14” (110 ft²) or 26” (225 ft²) high-efficiency filter
  • Panel mount breaker
  • Manometer


  • FV-HEPA-SC: HEPA Filter & Adapter
  • FV-ASAS-Power Signal Auto Start/Stop