ErgoMax Mig Guns


ErgoMax™ MIG Guns are an essential component to creating a safe work environment. No other gun on the market removes weld fume as efficiently and effectively, meeting the ACGIH and OSHA air quality standards for manganese and hexavalent chromium. Paired with a FumeVac high pressure/high capacity vacuum extraction source, ErgoMax MIG Guns offer the highest volume throughput of any other competing guns.

ErgoMax MIG Guns are designed to perform in the most challenging of welding environments. The lightweight design, ball-joint flexibility, and ergonomic handle ensure a semiautomatic fume gun that is easy to maneuver and adapts to all work positions. High airflow capacity in the gun minimizes heat build-up and results in a cooler, more comfortable operating temperature for users.


  • High quality, high duty cycle MIG & Flux Cored welding performance
  • Durable copper alloy consumables for high conductivity, cool operation, and long life
  • Optimized fume extraction zone prevents disturbance to shielding gas


  • Chrome-plated metallic outer neck tube provides an added measure of heat dissipation for super cool operation
  • Simple, high strength stainless steel trigger for long life and minimal cost of maintenance
  • Crush and heat resistant vacuum hose with optional leather or Kevlar hose covers
  • Adjustable bypass vent for airflow control in confined spaces
  • Low friction liners provide exceptional wire feeding performance for consistent arc starts and weld stability


  • Hose Cover: 5’ or 10’, Leather or Kevlar
  • 400A or 500A