IVEC Command Controls


Most manufacturers want to increase their ventilation system’s effectiveness and lower its operating costs. The question is: how? IVEC Command gives you the answer. It puts the latest monitoring technology and data analytics at your fingertips, so you’re in full control of your ventilation system. You gain previously untapped capability to cut costs and consistently provide optimum air quality, from anywhere.

Using IVEC Command’s predictive and proactive tools, you can monitor and control your ventilation system through industry-leading sensors that verify system performance and ensure proper operation. Manage all aspects of your industrial filtration systems with the latest technology available through IVEC Command. IVEC Command truly encompasses everything about Industry 4.0; it is smart technology that works for you.


  • Increased productivity with reduced costs and downtime
  • Remote access and alerts
  • Energy efficient


  • Automated reports displaying system performance
  • Self-diagnostic systems - Detects errors and offers solutions
  • Predictive metrics - Predicts filter changes, filter life, etc.