IVEC GVAP Ambient Air Cleaner


The IVEC General Ventialtion All Purpose (GVAP) Ambient Air Cleaner is a plug & play ambient air cleaner designed to filter the air of fine, airborne dust and contaminants to provide higher quality air, protecting the health of your employees and your environment. The GVAP is the most efficient ambient air cleaner in its class saving you money by lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs. With no need for ducting, this compact, versatile system can behung from the ceiling or mounted to the wall and requires no floorspace.

Featuring a modular configuration, IVEC GVAP units can be combined with multiple modules in a double, triple or quad setup to increase the amount filter media. IVEC uses automated control technology to add capacity with fewer units, reduce fan noise, extend filter life and the life of the equipment; all of which save you money.


  • Simple installation, no ductwork required
  • Modular design
  • Energy efficient


  • Up to 4500 CFM of air flow
  • 3.0 HP motor
  • Automated control technology


  • Optional pressure gauges available